Song Chen is a girl like the earth, following the wind and rain. She flutters with the wind and falls down with the rain. The earth is clean and fresh, while Song Chen is fragrant and pleasant. Therefore, it is appropriate for Song Chen to use the earth as the media [material].
The earth is the foundation of China. In “Rural China”, Mr. Fei Xiaotong pointed out, wherever Chinese farmers go, even to Siberia, they would sow seeds to see whether crops can grow in the land. --- They are typical Chinese farmers. All Chinese people are the offspring of Chinese farmers. The reverence for the earth is the reverence for life because it is the land that we live on. Song Chen is much like the girl in a famous novel who is “born with purity and dies with purity.” Though seemingly precarious, she, in fact, is very determined. She has been disillusioned with the mortal. The loess rolls. The sand represents the history of ten thousand years and the approaching future. Men are mortal. People die, either as significant as the Mount Tai or as light as a feather. What differences does it make? Even being the emperor, man can’t avoid being dead finally. Trees, buildings and the flesh all come from dust and will return to dust and go into the earth finally. It is easy to return to dust literally, but this is the punch line of Chinese philosophy. Though fatalistic, it is not negative and there is happiness inside. Therefore, Song Chen’s first solo exhibition named “Dust to Dust” takes retreatment as aggression. Song Chen’s second solo exhibition titled “Breakthrough”, echoing to the first one, has the meaning of rising after the inhibition.
Life comes from the earth and returns to the earth. The earth is a hotbed. In Chinese mythology, man are said to be made from the earth--the goddess Nvwa took the river as a mirror and created the human by mixing soil and water in accordance with her appearance. Song Chen is the Nvwa of her works, taking the earth as the media and full of magic flavor.

Huang Liaoyuan
April, 2013 in Beijing
入土为安 宋陳 破土而出