• The concept of the installation work titled “Breakthrough” Earth is the most basic material constituting the world. The earth nurtures all creatures in the nature. It is the unity of energy and divinity.In my works, earth is a tacit word. It points to silence, inner, reincarnation, transformation, energybreeding, growth, strength, rebirth… It can be a passive state that is unlimitedly soft; and it is also an energy field with unlimited breadth.When I am involved in a variety of external forces, I am eager to return to the darkness and be deeplyburied in the earth. This makes me want to go alone for some time being kept in the darkness. In the light, I am in metabolism; while in the dark, I am in the process of absorbing energy; it guarantees that the energy generating in every breath is not consumed in some unnecessary metabolism, but is internally absorbedthus being preserved in the form of earth; these energy saved can be the place, like the earth, for the seeds of my heart and soul to grow.In the thick and holy earth, the life energy is transformed and renewed… At this point, the boundless yellow color covers a huge energy field. The regenerative energy needs to break throughthe vast background. After the selffulfillment, the internal cells begin to grow and burst… It is a revolutionary force. The energy of life achieves the breakthrough again and goes forward. The latitude of life then will be more extensive, and the longitude will also reach a new height.The works are the exposure of my subconscious. ---On breakthrough Song Chen October 2012 in Shanghai

入土为安 宋陳 破土而出